Review Cerpen

Hello my friends. my name is ma’watul hasanah I would like to Review cerpen my lecture.

“Antologi Cerpen Nina”


The book work of Hiqmah Nur Agustina short story with book pages 68 contains a very interesting story. The book is whose content featuring many social problems faced by woman. The women are never exhausted to talk about it. Through this short story anthology the author reiterated that female voices are always synonymous with grief and tears, but that does not mean they are weak. There are eleven a very interesting story that is a mirror of life and were able to bring our imagination drift in any event, where we have been there. Such as family life, woman, love and affection, social status, career, lifestyle, despair, optimism, and political problem that often occur in the community. So this story is able to make the reader feel like drifting and brought into the story in it.

This book is tells story in some interesting characters and figures to read. From some of the titles in the interest of short stories such as:“ Duo Pratiw Hongki”The character  in this story is Tiwi caswari and Tiwi Prastiwi. Tiwicaswari is a woman who is brave, optimistic take their destiny in order to be better which stems to be domestic helper in hongkong, while Tiwi Prastawi is a woman innocent, brave to go abroad to be Domestic Helper in hongkong. They are two characters recount the journey they are very difficult to be a domestic helper, finally they became successful with the unexpected. And then with the title of another book that is “ Pria Bayaran”the man character of the story he was named Norman. He is a man high of high value payments that became an idol for many entrepreneurs, men and woman who escape from a sin that does not want to be known by others. And any other characters in the story more appearance in Antologi Cerpen Nina.

I think short story of antologi cerpen nina is very inspiration to the reader. Various topics discussed very interesting about the social problems that usually occur by woman. The real story happened in daily life in the pack with a language that is easily understood by the reader.

Overall, I think is the best short story antologi cerpen nina is a picture of the real stories that often occur in the community. The story is well-written and convincing.And then the Problems faced by woman indeed need to be noticed and we can take the moral values contained in these stories. So I recommend this book of the reader should read the story completion and give your opinion in the book.


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