Hi, My Name is Mawatul hasanah . I would like to review film single .



Raditya Dika again issued his film work. This time it is not an adaptation of the novel, but specifically written as movie script. In addition to being a screenwriter, Raditya dika is also a director in this film. The poster and trailer are packed with interesting. A Film tells the problems experienced by a man that is difficult to find a girlfriend and friendship. But that does not mean the film is stale. Spectators can indeed receive joke style Raditya dika it would have very much enjoyed the joke is on all film. This story happened like in real life that makes the audience feel attracted. The strength of the film is spoken by passable slowly, so as is the audience following each footsteps Ebi (Raditya Dika) in the film. This is the impact of this feature length film two hours more pleasant enough.

Indonesian comedy movie titled “single” is a film that tells the story of a young man named Ebi (Raditya Dika). Ebi is naive young children who have never going out at all or a single. Whenever Ebi approaching the opposite sex, Ebi always rejected because they have not been so confident about himself. The character in film Ebi has character geeky, heartfelt and often nervous. Ebi have two friends that is Wawan( Pandji pragiwaksono) character is look like a wise man and Victor (Babe Cabita) character is a funny and ridiculous. Ebi always tells with friends his mother always said Ebi must have girlfriend because his brother will married so his mother hope Ebi also must be married. Two friends have always helped him to start looking for a girl, but they all meet the case failure. At the time a meeting took place in a rented, the girl named Angel ( Annisa Rawles). From where Ebi keep trying to approach the angle, but this effort seems somewhat hampered because it appears a rival who also became a brother figure Angel, but not the older brother named Joe (Chandra Liow) who had just returned from abroad. Okay guys follow continue of the story by watching a single movie that will make you feel funny,sad and romantic in the film.

I think single film is a romantic comedy that is quite entertaining with dialogue and joke style standup comedy and a story problem into an interesting study in the film. Since the beginning up to half of the film, the story is built slowly, intense and focused on the key issues to make the audience easily fit in the problems faced character. Otherwise it is supported by the places of interest and tone romantic film is built well with the music and soundtrack gloomy and fit to build the atmosphere of each scene.

Overall, I think single film although brought the genre of comedy, but the story in the film single much more fresh that makes it different from the film is also tucking the values of friendship, sacrifice and families to be interesting. Single film taught audiences that have a spouse not only meet the demands of the environment alone. Not only that, solitude is not a disgrace to be regrettable instead of humans are taught to be grateful with what they have and work even harder for others.


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