Review of Go kart

Hi my friends, my name is Ma’watul hasanah I would to tell you about my experience when I drive to Go kart .


This sport is very interesting, full of courage in interest by everyone that is go-kart sport. A go-kart ( often just kart ) is a small four-wheeled vehicle. Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, form motor less models to high-powered racing machines, some, like, super karts, being able to beat racing cars on long circuits. Gravity racers, usually referred to as Soap Box Derby carts, are the simplest type of go-karts. They are propelled by gravity, with some races taking place down a single hill. Amusement park go-karts can be powered by 4- stroke engines or electric motors, while racing karts use small 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. Most of them are single setter but recreational models can sometimes accommodate a passenger.

On Saturday the 2nd of April 2, 2016, at 4 pm I went to bale kota mall for tasks extreme sport (go-kart). I arrived there at 4:30 pm , on arrival I was there, I met with my friends and see the game go-kart area very attractive .while waited for my lecturer and other friends came , I’m looked of visitors were played go-kart . I think it looks very exciting karting game and easy to play. But I am afraid to ride a go-kart because I don’t drive. But to played karts just need the courage and adhere to the rules already instructed. At 04.40 o’clock go- kart game is began. I felt scared but I wanted to try it. Before I played go- kart, I’m used safety equipment such as helmet and jacket. After that I was given instructions about how to play the system go-kart. Let’s played the go-kart you just need to remember the right foot on the gas and left foot to brake. Don’t uses both of them choose, to reduce the speed of the gas off and you can brake used the left foot. I’m started played go-kart with fear because of the wheel that is hard on the turn. I drive a go-kart with a speed that is slow and very careful. After several rounds I felt enjoy and speed began to standard, when I turned, met my friend and grazed until the effected tire. But my friend and I can walk back by turned the steering wheel go- kart. Today began an afternoon of game I was already finished. I feel very happy, exciting and successfully to the challenge of played a go-kart. Which initially fear, even now I would to played go-kart again.

Go-kart is a game and a sport that test your courage and great fun. I hoped after friends read review I was interested to try to played go-kart.


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