Hello guys my name is Ma’watul Hasanah , I would like to tell about my traveling to munara mountain.



           On Sunday 17 April 2016 , my friends and I went to the munara mountain. We gathered at fanny house about at 06.00 am for prepared before went to munara mountain. Then we went at 07.00 am, riding motorcycle as much as four motorcycles for went to the munara mountain. munara mountain located in Kp. Sawah , Rumpin, Bogor. Is an attractive tourist spot with all its natural beauty. We went to munara mountain from morning so we don’t get stuck in traffic. And then we arrived at munara mountain around at 09.00 am. after that we take a rest and prepared to hiking to the munara mountain.

            After we finished a break, we prepared to hiking to munara mountain. Before that we have to pay a ticket Rp. 5000 for a ticket and Rp. 2.500 to be parked. at 10.00 o’clock we stared in the area munara mountain. my friend and I talked about Munara mountain is mountain with an high of 1119 mdpl, is one alternative destinations which began in the know by visitors. But munara mountain has not been called for in view of the road is not dangerous and that the standard high and can be hiking in 1 hour it called a hill. My friends and I continued the journey enjoyable by passing the river and the road up it make us felt tired, even though I was still tired take a picture of beauty munara mountain. in the way we break I felt dizzy and nauseous because of the condition of my body is sick. I think wouldn’t continue any longer trip to munara mountain. But my friends support me when I was able to get to munara mountain. After that, I take medication my body is better. Before we get to the peak munara mountain we had pay Rp. 5000 for cash security and cleanliness. Tiring journey we finally arrived at 12.00 o’clock. I was very pleased to get to the peak of the munara mountain even with long time. Munara mountain very scenic of the view from the peak munara mountain that blends with nature. While my friends and I break, we don’t forgot take pictures. After enjoyed a very beautiful view we are get ready to came back because it would rain. on the way came back we felt hungry and then we break to eat and drink that we had brought from home. When we break met motor cross community. And then we arrived at the resort at 02.00 pm. We also break and pray. After that we are get ready to came back in Tangerang . the afternoon on the way home we stuck rain , until dinner at the Pondok Rumpin. After dinner I’m hurried to journey by wear a raincoat because rains were so heavy. In the middle of our journey apart in heavy rain there was a problem yadi motorcycle tire is leak. After that we arrived and gathered at the house fanny. After all came, we each went home.

            That Experience on the day was very enjoyable despite the rain, tired, and experienced some events but all of it is my experienced that would not be forgotten hiking along munara mountain with my friends.


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